Automate Your Outreach Using AI

We use the power of AI to automate your reporter outreach. For only $250 per month, we can get you 3+ backlinks via We manage the process end-to-end. Past clients have seen 40% average monthly traffic increase from our service.

Clients Results

We generate, on average, nearly 100 quotes per month for our clients and guarantee you get 3 DR 30+ backlinks. All websites will drive your authority score (DR) up. You may even get backlinks from reputable sites like this (past client examples below).

DR 90 Backlink

DR 84 Backlink

DR 84 Backlink

DR 84 Backlink

DR 82 Backlink

DR 77 Backlink

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/ month
  • 1 Profile/Website
  • 100+ Pitches/month
  • Progress Reports (Monthly)
  • Submit on Featured/Terkel
    ($100/mo retail value)

How does it work?


Provide Your Name, Website, Bio, & other info

Just give us your info so that we can set up an account for you. This information will be included in the emails so that reporters can credit the quote to your name and give your website a backlink.

Our AI assistant will craft quality pitches to earn backlinks

More than 50+ AI pitches sent per month


We Gather Reporter Quote Requests and Use AI To Match Your Bio To Relevant Queries

AI determines which queries are relevant to your bio and then we will respond to relevant pitches

If your bio is more general it will reply to more queries

Great Bios often lead to better pitch categorization and generation

Responding to relevant pitches leads to more backlinks


AI Will Create Pitches For You & Submit Them For Requests

Our powerful AI system will generate thoughtful, technical responses and send pitches on your behalf.

Our AI assistant will craft quality pitches to earn backlinks

Anywhere from 50-300+ AI emails sent per month

Emails are sent with time delay to avoid suspicion

Frequently Asked Questions

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